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Ground Control II demo released

Suckle on Massive Entertainment's 3D real-time strategy. Available today from Eurofiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Massive Entertainment has released a 183MB single-player demo of its forthcoming David Bowie-themed 3D real-time strategy title, Ground Control II: Major Tom. [Sigh. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus, then. -Ed]

Aaand in order to get yourself used to life in those three-dimensional trenches, the demo consists of not one, but two tutorials, as well as one full mission from the Northern Star Alliance campaign entitled "Calling the Shots".

You can download the demo right now from Eurofiles. In fact, there ought to be a direct link over to the right of this paragraph somewhere. Have a look.

According to a release schedule that coincidentally landed in our communal inbox this morning Ground Control II is due out in Europe on June 25th from Vivendi-Universal Games.

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