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PSP firmware updated

2.7 adds Flash, AAC support.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has released a US and Japanese firmware update for PlayStation Portable, adding support for Macromedia Flash 6 and Apple's AAC music format among other things.

Version 2.7 is currently available to Japanese users through Sony's website and although a US update doesn't appear on Sony's System Update pages, the likes of seem to have it already.

The main addition is the ability for the web browser to handle Flash 6 playback, which can be turned on through one of the options menus.

AAC music files are also now supported, although there's no word on whether the 2.7 PSP will be able to play back DRM-protected AAC files bought from iTunes Music Store. While on the subject of audio, it's worth pointing out that you can also now save the contents of podcasts - through the RSS Channel section - to your Memory Stick Duo.

That's not all the firmware update does though - as well as very likely strengthening security, sorting out some minor bugs and reorganising a few of the options screens, the update also adds support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

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