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Team 17's next game not on Cube

Further GameCube opportunities doubtful.

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Despite Worms 3D taking a bow on PC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube, reports today suggest that Britsoft developer Team 17's next, as-yet unannounced product will not be appearing on GameCube, something that T17's Martyn Brown reckons is down to the current attitude at retail.

"There's no discrimination," he said in response to a forum comment to that effect, "just that there isn't too much retail backing, which is what makes publishers nervous, stops them making agreements to develop GC games etc. I'm certain that W3D is our last GC game since the publishers aren't interested in a Cube version of the other game we have in development."

There you have it then, straight from the mouth of Spadge. The worm has tu-- [vetoed -Ed]

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