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Kri gets another Mark

Virtually nobody bought the first one, but The Mark of Kri still might get a sequel.

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According to our sources (lets call them HP and Daddy's Favourite), the San Diego studio responsible for the critically acclaimed The Mark of Kri is busy beavering away on a sequel, with Sony taking a wait and see approach to the development of the second game in what could wind up a trilogy.

While the original Mark of Kri didn't really set the gaming world alight, for yours fickly to persevere with a stealthy slasher it must have something to offer. In Kri's case that was brutal execution-style stealth kills and some hideously contrived but ultimately rewarding set-ups - the psychopathic equivalent of draughts/checkers. That said, it's difficult to forget the combat system, which you could actually sidestep completely just by using the instakill "disarm" attack the whole way through. Oops.

We contacted Sony Europe this morning for comment, but apart from complaining about how early we were up the platform holder declined to confirm anything. If SCE America really is taking a wait and see approach though, you can sort of understand that. If they like what they see, expect to hear more about this one later in the year. Otherwise, you won't.

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