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Call of Duty gets 1.3 beta patch

Appropriately it's a patch with its own rules of engagement.

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Activision has sent along a version 1.3 beta multiplayer patch for Infinity Ward's World War II themed FPS Call of Duty, but goes to great lengths to point out that a) it only works with English-language versions of the game, b) it only works with version 1.3 servers, c) there is no way to roll back to a previous version of Call of Duty besides a full reinstall of the game, and d) installation of the patch means you are ineligible for Activision Customer Support, although subsequent official releases will open the door to such things once again.

If none of that bothers you then you'll be pleased to hear that the 1.3 patch fixes a number of minor issues - from a slow update problem with the server list and misreported pings to sway animation bugs and improved auto-balancing - not to mention a few exploits - like the prone/jump bunny-hopping technique and the way prone players can see round corners when before they're visible to their enemies. Activision also asks that any new bugs your encounter or any feedback on balance or gameplay be sent to codbugs@activision. They'll take note through that address, although they won't actually answer you.

What a stunningly hospitable bunch Activision are these days, eh? Anyway - you can download the 1.3 beta patch, which weighs in at a pretty minor 3.8MB, from all the usual suspects including torrent-equipped favourites 3D Gamers.

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