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Atelier Iris gets Euro date

KOEI sorts us out.

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KOEI's confirmed that it'll be bringing Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana to Europe this March 17th. Good news for PS2-owning fans of traditional Japanese RPGs.

We rather liked Atelier Iris' US outing. It's "old-school in look, character and budget," we said, but "if it charms you, you'll be instantly hauled into its delightful world, desperate to help out in anyway you can - whether that's by supporting the lowliest street trader or tackling the powers and principalities that threaten its very existence."

It's all about a young alchemist, see, who can extract elements from objects and use them to create new stuff, assuming he has enough help from tiny little chaps called mana - and a lot of your fun will be had creating interesting stuff for the local shopkeep to flog on your behalf.

If that sounds promising to you, see what else we said about it.

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