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3D Realms CEO on X360

Prey dev still awaiting one.

3D Realms CEO Scott Miller has revealed that he has yet to get his hands on an Xbox 360 - despite the fact that his studio is supposed to be developing a game for the console.

In a post on his blog, Miller wrote: "I've yet to touch the controller of any [next-gen console]. I can't find a X360 to buy in stores, and we have yet to get a development machine sent from Microsoft even though Prey is being developed for their system."

Miller went on to make a number of predictions regarding the next-gen systems, stating that he reckons the Xbox 360 and PS3 "Will wind up about equal in terms of sales, with Nintendo's Revolution coming in a distant third."

"Perhaps this will be the last console from this company," Miller added.

He then predicted that the Xbox 360 will gain ground on the PS3 for two reasons: "Xbox Live! rocks (from what I've heard - again, no first hand experience)" and "The X360 has a big head start over PS3.

Miller concluded by stating that he couldn't comment on the Revolution's unique "freestyle" remote controller - at least not "Until I've seen one."

Then there's some blather about why banning booth babes from E3 is a good idea and a bit of showing off about him being level 60 in World of Warcraft - you can check it out for yourself over on Miller's blog.