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Disc format has 'many years' left - Sony's Maguire

Reckons retail will survive.

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Sony UK MD Ray Maguire has said he believes that despite the rise of digital distribution, there's still plenty of life left in the disc format and the traditional retail model.

Speaking in the latest edition of the Games Central podcast, Maguire said there are "many years" left for discs as games get bigger in size and require more storage space.

"What I think will happen is there will be a retail delivery model and then there'll be a supplementary business - which is downloading extra bits and pieces to keep your experience alive, keep it fresh and keep it modified and keep the game going on," Maguire said.

But as games get bigger so will budgets, he continued - which means a new demand will also emerge.

"You're in a situation where you've got to be reasonably sure about your product before you take it right through to the end. I think what's going to happen is that people will start to try and find smaller and shorter games, maybe at a slightly lower price point."

On the subject of online gaming, Maguire conceded that Sony is "new to that space, and we've got to build our credentials there. A little behind the curve on it, but I really think from a console base, the online side of it has not - to this point - been that important. But it will start to accelerate rapidly, so we have to make sure the online side of the world is catered for."

However, he said, there are still many problems to overcome, such as "massive cheating and an area where you've got to be competent to get in there and want to exist in that space. That's the marketplace at the moment, but I think it will evolve from there".

The Games Central podcasts are hosted by Tim Wapshott, and the latest edition features guests Paul Topping of Codemasters Mobile and journalist Steve Boxer as well as Ray Maguire. To download the podcasts, search for "Games Central" in the iTunes Music Store.

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