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Baja racing turns to Wii

Mania and Destruction.

Broadsword Interactive's previously announced PS2 racing games Baja Mania and Baja Destruction are on their way to Nintendo Wii.

Both titles are based on the real-life off-road races that take place in the Baja peninsula (apparently Paul Newman's into it and everything), with Mania putting the emphasis on racing and Destruction focusing on vehicular combat.

And as you'd imagine, both feature controls design specifically to take advantage of Nintendo's unique control system - with players able to use the Wii's remote tilt detection "to steer and control the vehicles' speed".

As for the game content itself, in Mania players will be able to pick from three types of dune buggy (four-wheel), three types of 'cat' (six-wheel) and three types of truck (eight-wheel) and race against up to 15 others in single-player Career and Arcade (the latter also supporting a second player if you like).

The idea is to race through checkpoints, with nitro boosting, cash to spend on upgrades and all sorts of arenas to unlock as you go.

Destruction, meanwhile, introduces weapons, with two main types and three variations for each in increasing power and accuracy - in other words, they range from simply forward-firing to homing missiles.

The games are due out in Q1 2007, according to publisher Conspiracy Entertainment, with the original PS2 versions also still in development.