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Final Fantasy XII slips beyond March 2005

And grazes its knee, probably.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Final Fantasy XII won't be out before the end of March 2005, according to comments attributed to Square Enix president Yoichi Wada in the Japanese Asahi Shimbun, although it should be out before the end of 2005.

Said Wada: "there are no plans to release the game within the current fiscal year," which ends on March 31st 2005. This despite the game's fairly strong showing at E3 this year, where it was equally praised and cursed for its art style reminiscent of PlayStation 1 underachiever Vagrant Story.

The PS2 game, the first original single-player Final Fantasy adventure since 2002's Final Fantasy X (we're not counting X-2, obviously), had been set for release in "winter of 2004 to spring of 2005," but no longer. We'll let you know when it gets a firmer release date.

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