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Konami plans WE7 International for Japan

But don't get too excited.

Konami is planning to release a multilingual "International" edition of Winning Eleven 7 in Japan on February 29th according to a report on The Magic Box today.

However any excitement over promises of improved animation and up-to-date player information is destined to be short-lived, as Konami confirmed this afternoon that the game is little more than PES3 for Japan.

"Although not extensive, the team still made a few improvements between WE7 and PES3 in the months between release," according to a spokesman, and that's what this release represents - although it will also incorporate Japanese, English, Italian, French, Spanish and German language support.

Whether KCET has taken the codebase that little bit further than PES3 - as they arguably did with Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution post-Pro Evolution Soccer 2 - remains to be seen, but one thing looks to be definite: you won't be getting your hands on this over here unless you're a fan of imports.