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TrackMania beta demo released

Download this right now.

As promised, French developer Nadeo has released a beta trial version of insanely addictive build-and-then-race 'em up TrackMania, which you can read about in our first impressions piece from earlier this week. And we suggest you do - it's one of the most engaging little PC games we've encountered since the halcyon days of top-end shareware, and boasts the same sort of addictive qualities as Elasto Mania (née Action Supercross).

Just head here to sign up and get your hands on the beta demo, which contains much of - if not all - the same content we had to play with over the weekend - solo, multiplayer and online modes with several Challenge (construct and race your own track) levels and 10 or so fiendish Race tracks designed by Nadeo. And we're still playing it nightly, so watch out...