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Computer Artworks goes into receivership

Developer behind Evolva and The Thing is latest Britsoft casualty.

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British development studio Computer Artworks, whose games included The Thing and Evolva, has become the latest UK studio to be forced to shut down, with the company entering receivership this week.

The company, which operated studios in London and Brighton, was believed to have been working on a three projects for different publishers, including a title for Sony Computer Entertainment; however, with the staff of the firm laid off, it's not known what the status of these projects is.

The closure of the firm was confirmed by Computer Artworks' production and creative manager, Alan Bunker, who informed the C&VG website of the news yesterday. "I think I'm allowed to say that yes, Computer Artworks is going into receivership this week and employees have gone home," he told the site.

Bunker was unforthcoming about the reason for the closure, although he did comment that "the reasons are more far reaching than simply saying 'publishers not paying'" in response to the suggestion that payments had not been made to the developer on time by one of its publishing partners.

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