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Breed slips to 2004

Two new demos due this year.

CDV's oft-delayed first-person shooter Breed has... been delayed again, until February 6th, 2004, with Development Director Dirk Weber citing compatibility problems that arose at the 11th hour. "Significant problems surfaced during the obligatory compatibility test," he said in a statement on the official Breed website.

"The cause was the older graphic hardware, which collides with the higher graphical level and effects. Breed utterly takes the new graphic technology to the limits. However, our customers with older hardware should, naturally, be able to enjoy the intense gameplay as much as anyone else. Based on this, the delay is fully justified, even if it's somewhat disappointing at first for all the fans and, especially, for those that are dedicated to the release of this title."

Fortunately for anybody seriously looking forward to the shooter, CDV is planning a new multiplayer demo and another single-player demo, both set to appear before the end of 2003. The game itself had originally been planned for release in November, having previously been pushed back from a 2002 date to August 2003. The promised Xbox version of the game has long since slipped by the wayside, and nobody seems to know what's happening with it.