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Empire plans Starsky & Hutch sequel

Starsky & Deluxe Rabbit Enclosure?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Empire has signed an exclusive licensing deal with Sony Pictures to develop a follow-up to its Starsky & Hutch videogame. Kristan will be thrilled. We were going to give him a funkectomy until we saw this.

According to a city announcement this morning, the new game will include new locations, graphics and 70s music, and a key new gameplay feature - the ability to chase villains on foot. Clubbed together with the original game's car chases, this is beginning to sound a bit like True Crime, only with shooting-out-of-the-window to boot.

As you can imagine, Empire is hoping to ship this for every known console platform and the PC - perhaps even in time for the Hollywood film version release in spring 2004.

You can read what we thought of the original Starsky & Hutch game here.

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