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Wii for less than 250 Euros

Nintendo Europe bigwig predicts.

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Whilst Nintendo has once again failed to announce the official price or launch date for Wii, the company's head of German operations has stated that he expects a price point below 250 Euro.

Attendees at the Leipzig Games Convention who were expecting an official announcement from the platform holder were disappointed, the company's lips remaining tightly sealed on exact launch plans at this stage.

Speaking to Reuters, Nintendo Germany's general manager, Bernd Fakesch, stated: "the price has not been decided yet, but I expect it to be...less than 250 euros." Fakesch further added that the exact launch date had not been finalised, but that the console would be appearing "in due course."

Nintendo has previously stated that the console will retail for less than US$250 (195 Euro), and as the speculation continues in the absence of official confirmation, EA's David Gardner recently suggested a price point of US$170 (132 Euro).

The only official confirmation available from Nintendo at this point however, is that the console will be the least expensive of the three platform holders' next-gen machines, and is due to launch this autumn.

Definitive confirmation on the price point and exact launch date is expected sometime next month.

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