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Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Colin McRae rallies support for N-Gage, Ground Control 2, Pandora Tomorrow and Joint Operations patched.

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Codemasters has decided to get a handle on the Nokia N-Gage this year, announcing that one of its most successful franchises will be downsized to fit the Finnish hardware. Colin McRae Rally 2005 is in development at Ideaworks3D, and when it's finished we can expect both single-player racing modes ala the bigger console versions, and competitions and ghost racing via N-Gage Arena. CMR2005 is due out in the fourth quarter of 2004. If it proves popular, we can probably expect to see more Codies games on the format - we'd certainly be interested to see how management title LMA Manager translated...

With Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus apparently due out in Europe this Friday, June 25th, what better time to think about downloading a patch that fixes it! Oh but what's wrong with it? Quite a lot, it seems, in terms of silly niggly bugs, but to be fair to developer Massive Entertainment, this patch (version does add a fair amount of new features too, including the recording and replaying of single and multiplayer battles, map bookmarks, and automatic content download when joining multiplayer servers. For full details and download locations, we suggest you click this link.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, a game of four largely unrelated words, has been patched on the PC to version 1.3, updating the game to include a new ranking management system, some networking improvements and fixes, and to offer some on-screen recognition whenever players are speaking into their microphones in multiplayer. Oh, and you can find more info and download the patch here. This website will self-destruct in five seconds.

Not content with just patching those two games, we're also [BOOM]... Er, where was I? Ah yes. Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, another game with a silly name that isn't out until Friday, has also been patched this week - to version Apparently applying this fixes a few co-op issues, adds some new map options, interface enhancements and other tweaks and the like, and as with the others, you can head here for more information and download locations.

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