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Primal soundtrack released

Tra la la!

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Remember Primal? It was an overhyped plod-and-poke adventure from the heartland of Sony Europe, and it failed to thrill even the eminently thrillable Kristan, who these days curses its name. If you always wanted to try it, it costs about £20 from GAME, as we recall.

However despite not quite living up to its billing as "a unique and ambitious project that fuses detailed, realistic visuals and top quality audio with original game play elements, style and depth", its "unprecedented production values" did throw up a haunting soundtrack, which composers Andrew Barnabas and Paul "Bob" Arnold are now flogging as a standalone soundtrack CD.

Performed by the 77-piece City of Prague philharmonic orchestra and 32-part chorus, the soundtrack touches on each of Primal's five realms, and if you want a copy of it - numbered and signed, even - for £13.99 in the UK and £14.99 for the rest of the world, then the Bob and Barn website will help you out. Standard editions are available through retailers or direct from Silva Screen Records.

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