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Acclaim set to drop Cube support

No more Legends of Wrestling... No more Turok... No more Burnout!

Publisher Acclaim is set to cease development for Nintendo's GameCube once its current projects are finished, with CEO Rod Cousens stating that the platform does not supply "appropriate yields".

"Why are we to develop games for platforms that do not supply appropriate yields?" questioned Cousens in comments made to MCV Germany this week. "We still support PS2 and Xbox, but Nintendo? No, not in the foreseeable future."

Games which are currently in development for the GameCube will be completed and released, however, no further projects on the console are being planned.

Acclaim's GameCube release schedule at the moment features Legends of Wrestling III, Urban Freestyle Soccer and, probably most interestingly, the next title in the Extreme-G series, XGRA - all of which are expected to appear on the Cube as planned.

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