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T-Mobile and EA partner

FIFA pre-installed on Nokias.

T-Mobile and Electronic Arts have established a new strategic relationship that will bring EA's top-selling mobile games to network subscribers across Europe.

Special edition Nokia handsets - namely the 6280, 6131 and N70 - will come complete with the latest FIFA, along with World Cup anthem Celebrate the Day, the Nokia football theme, icons, wallpapers and access to tournament highlights.

The bundles will also include free stickers, and will be available to T-Mobile customers in the UK, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands.

T-Mobile subscribers who do not own one of the exclusive handsets will be able to purchase and download the game separately.

"These handsets with embedded premium World Cup content are only available to T-Mobile customers and bring all the excitement and action of the World Cup straight to your phone," said T-Mobile VP Matthias Immel.