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Ironstar announces Pocket Pal

Community driven.

Finnish mobile games and content developer Ironstar Helsinki has announced the creation of Pocket Pal, a unique title that enables users to generate their own mobile game online before downloading it directly to their handset.

Featuring a collection of simple mini-games incorporated into a life-simulation game for the mobile platform, Pocket Pal lets consumers customise their character, decorate the in-game apartment (stretching as far as the selection of fish for an aquarium) and decide which mini-games will be included to effectively build their own personal game online before downloading it to the phone.

The developer is also keen to implement strong community features for the title, and plans to include chat, forums and an extension of the pervasive world through real world tips and clues used to solve various missions in-game.

The innovative title, which is partially funded by the Finnish National Technology Agency and currently compatible with over 200 handsets, is due for release in Finland this autumn with additional international territories will follow shortly thereafter.

More information on Pocket Pal and Ironstar Helsinki's mobile gaming portfolio can be found by visiting the developer's official website.