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Mizuguchi chuffed with Gameloft

Partners on Lumines.

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Speaking to at E3, Japanese game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi - whose creations include Space Channel 5, Rez, Ninety-Nine Nights and Lumines - has heaped praise on mobile publisher GameLoft, with whom he worked on his first mobile title, Lumines Mobile.

According to Mizuguchi, who was one of Sega's star developers before leaving to set up his own studio, Q Entertainment, working with GameLoft helped him to make the transition to mobile development easily - despite the complexity of the market.

"I got a great presentation from the Gameloft people," he told "They knew plenty - the good points, the bad points, weak points, strong points - and were very professional. They had some great ideas."

"One of the key things about Lumines is the way the music's playing as part of the experience, and it's really difficult to make this on a mobile phone," he continued. "They did a really good job to make a kind of atmosphere; a kind of chemistry they made between the music and the visual which is new to the mobile version."

Read more of Mizuguchi's thoughts on mobile development and on what his future plans for platforms beyond traditional consoles are in our E3 interview.

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