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Okamoto working on 360 game

Everyparty dev back for another.

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Game Republic is working on another Xbox 360 game, according to charismatic front man and former Capcom type Yoshiki Okamoto.

Sadly though, the cat isn't so much out of the bag as faintly outlined against the exterior - Okamoto's simply said that while the game hasn't been announced yet, "it's safe to say that this game is well worth looking forward to". Sounds excellent!

Game Republic's already worked on Xbox 360, of course, having delivered Japanese launch title Everyparty - something we're still waiting to see over here.

That itself was a bit of a departure though; Game Republic's biggest recent title is PS2 exclusive Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, an action game with an inventive combat system that nearly did the trick for us, but not quite.

There's no word on when we can expect to hear more about Okamoto's project, but given the proximity of E3 it's entirely likely it'll be something Microsoft shouts about during its press conference on 9th May.

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