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Lara Croft finds her voice

It belongs to Zoe off Spooks.

Just a week after unveiling the new real life incarnation of Lara Croft, Eidos has announced who will provide her voice for forthcoming title Tomb Raider: Legend.

And the winner is... Keeley Hawes, otherwise known as Zöe off of Spooks. Hawes has also appeared in feature film A Cock and Bull Story with Steve Coogan and two episodes of Pie in the Sky, amongst other things.

"Lara Croft is such a strong and powerful character, but she also has an edge to her, which was great to portray vocally," Hawes said.

"Lara is getting up to all sorts of trouble in Legend, I am sure the fans won't be disappointed!" Let's hope so, Keeley, but that's what they said about Angel of Darkness!

Eidos bigwig Matt Gorman said Hawes was "perfect" for the role of Lara, adding: "She had the right balance of aristocracy and attitude to really bring to life Miss Croft in all her glory."

Understandably, Hawes' fans are thrilled at the announcement - in a poll over on the Keeley Hawes forum, 100 per cent of voters have supported the decision! Yes, both of them!

Tomb Raider: Legend is out on PC, PS2 and Xbox on April 11th, with PSP and Xbox 360 versions to follow soon after.