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Exclusive photos: Giz man and Ferrari in happier times

I.e. before it got smashed up.

Eurogamer has obtained some exclusive photos of former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson and his Enzo Ferrari - before the recent car crash which left the $1m car lying in bits all over a Californian highway.

Eriksson shouldn't be too upset though, since it turns out he's got a spare. Take a look at the pics, which were taken at the launch of Gizmondo's flagship Regent Street store, and you can see the pair - the red one, which was totally mangled earlier this week, and the black one, which presumably is still safely tucked away in the garage at Knight Industries.

You can see Eriksson in the pics, too - that's him in the suit, wearing that big classy silver chain.

Sadly, we haven't been able to uncover any pictures of Dietrich, the mysterious German man who Eriksson claims was driving his Enzo when it crashed. Guess we'll just have to keep looking - much like the LAPD.