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Eurogamer TV launches!

Now showing off.

As you will have spotted, we've finally launched Eurogamer TV properly, offering you the chance to watch high quality videos in your browser window. Yes I know we did that last month too, but this time it's out of beta, a big part of the site, and you can expand the video window so it's even bigger.

You can access EG TV through www.eurogamer.tv or by clicking on the button in the left-hand menu, and from there you can access a range of recent videos for popular games, updated daily. All you need to run them is to have Flash installed. You can even pick from high, medium and low quality versions depending on your connection speed.

That's just the start, too. Over the coming months we've got a dedicated EG TV editor joining the gang, and, as our director of operations Rupert said in our press release, "We're looking forward to kicking off original video content and production and building a large audience for the Eurogamer TV site," which, as you helped prove during the beta testing period, can withstand mighty amounts of user traffic without breaking.

If you've not tried it already, or even if you have, why not give it a go? Here's some things you can check out on EG TV right now:

We're happy to receive your feedback on the service, either in the comments or over on the forum, where you're already jabbering about it all. Look forward to more from EG TV in the coming months, including Ellie's documentary series "Lewisham in games: past, present and future".*

* Subject to change, obviously. To, you know, real stuff.

Enjoy Eurogamer TV!