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Star Ocean 3 and Front Mission 4 US-bound

What's the Japanese for goldmine?

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Square Enix has announced it is in the process of translating the revised Japanese version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Star Ocean 3) for release as Star Ocean 3: Director's Cut in North America this August on PS2. What's more, Squenix is also planning to release Front Mission 4 over there on PS2 in June.

In Star Ocean's case, the lucky yanks will be getting their mitts on the enhanced version - i.e. the one which fixed all the fatal crash bugs - rather than last year's original release. Improvements include two new playable characters (Mirage Coast and Adlai Lasbird), new Underwater Garden and Urza Rock Temple dungeons, a new versus mode and various other bits and bobs.

Front Mission 4 meanwhile won't feature any major improvements over its Japanese incarnation. Still - it's hard to sound disappointed when Squenix translates games in a critically adored series like Front Mission.

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