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Suda to team up with Kojima?

Killer 7 creator hopes so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Killer 7 creator Gouichi Suda could be teaming up with Hideo Kojima to work on a brand new adventure game, if recent suggestions from the pair are to be believed.

During a recent panel discussion at a gaming event, Suda expressed his admiration for the Metal Gear Solid legend, stating that he was heavily influenced by his work.

Suda referred specifically to Kojima's 1988 adventure title Snatcher - apparently it's this game which made Suda want to work in development, and it's why his Grasshopper Company studio produces adventure games to this day.

Suda said he we love to work with Kojima on an adventure game in the future, and Kojima replied with "Right back atcha," or something along those lines. Kojima then suggested that they unveil their collaborative effort at this year's E3.

So is this a real possibility, or were they just messing with us? The latter's most likely, in all honesty, but you never know...

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