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EA quiet on The Sims 3

Pretty obvious it's on, though.

EA has said it's not about to announce a third Sims game in the immediate future despite the fact it's obviously going to do one sooner or later.

Yesterday Gamma Ray and Feng Zhu, a couple of design companies, quickly snaffled listings for "The Sims 3" after fans spotted them claiming they were contributing to it and kicked up a fuss.

EA's since said that it "knows that fans... just can't get enough of the franchise," but "until EA announces that a new Sims game is in the works, any speculation would be premature."

Obviously we agree, which is why we asked the developers about it the other week. Whoops. Specifically, we asked whether there was anything in the first few Sims 2 expansions that the team would want to incorporate in Sims 3.

"Cars would be a hard thing not to include in a future version if we ever redid The Sims, because once we finally did them in Nightlife and you had a car and your household I couldn't imagine not having one," said Maxis senior producer Tim Letourneau.

"Certainly looking at [latest expansion pack] Open For Business, more objects that allow the player to be creative. I think you have to take each version and each idea on its own merits and how it fits with the whole of what you're trying to achieve."