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Last Barrysworld frag on Jan 23rd.

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Game's online multiplayer gaming service is to be shut down on January 23rd, three years after the retail giant bought Barryworld.

A statement issued here revealed little of any real consequence, with the official reasoning being that Game has "made the decision to focus our online activity on core e-commerce services, both in the UK and Europe."

But for those of you curious to know about the closure, and have any questions regarding their account, Game is making itself available for a grilling over IRC (#GAME.NET) on January 5th to answer your questions.

In the meantime, the retailer has also written an FAQ to answer "basic queries", with refunds available to those affected.

We're not sure how many gamers this affects, but it's telling that even Game, with all its marketing muscle and retail presence, didn't see the value in persisting with PC online gaming. It's fairly safe to assume it makes a whole lot more money out of selling games than charging gamers to play online.

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