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SCEA reveals PS1 game pricing

As in, PS3 Store offerings.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced the price range for the original PlayStation titles being made available for PSP.

The first batch of original PlayStation games will go on sale for between US $5.99 and US $10.99. Weighing in at between 140MB and 550MB, they must be downloaded to a PS3 hard drive and can then be transferred to Memory Stick Duo.

The first titles will be available through the PlayStation Store "in the coming weeks", according to an official statement, and "additional first and third party games will be added on an ongoing basis".

SCEA has yet to confirm which games will hit the store first. However, ten games - including Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Tekken 2 and Arc the Lad - are due to go on sale through Sony Japan's online store today.

Sony has also released system update 3.0 in Japan and North America, which includes PlayStation Network support and a Remote Play feature - enabling PSP owners to wirelessly stream media from the 60GB PlayStation 3. Users will eventually be able to use Remote Play via wi-fi hotspots.

The update also includes software for the PSP camera, music player enhancements, RSS feed updates and the option to prevent the automatic boot-up of games when the PSP is switched on.