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Sega plans PSO I & II 'Plus' pack

One for diehards. Only in Japan.

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Sega is planning one final swing of the Phantasy Star Online sabre next month, with the release of a GameCube package comprising the first "two" games of the previous Episode I & II release and a selection of new features.

According to 1UP, Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus will include every quest currently available to players - online or offline, playable both ways - plus new quests, new items and a five-stage challenge mode that has yet to be distributed online. Apparently the first run of 'Plus' packages will also ship with a special trilogy box for housing both the Episode I & II package and Episode III, which is due out at the same time. Of course, anybody converting their save data to the Plus version of PSO will be able to retain any items, cash and characters.

With the Cube exclusive Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution due out over here next year, there's plenty of time for Sega to consider a similar approach in Europe, but we're guessing that, given the game's rather poor sales on the Cube thus far, they won't be all that inclined. If you're a diehard PSO nut then we suggest you consult your importer. Lik-Sang, for example, will sell you the Plus version from November 27th here, and they also plan to stock Episode III.

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