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Fallout's console debut goes gold

At Eurogamer, we have the Brotherhood of Mugwum. Get me out of here.

The PS2 and Xbox versions of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel have reached gold status, meaning the console debut for the much-loved series is well on its way to its November release.

Brotherhood of Steel is set on Earth post-nuclear holocaust directly after the first PC Fallout title, and focuses on a group of survivors who form the Brotherhood in order to explore and attempt to bring order to the ravaged world.

Over the course of the game, players will discover a sinister plot that threatens to turn the remains of mankind into mutants, probably with three eyes and stuff, and set out to retrieve some kind of device that could save humanity or be used as a "monstrous tool of war". Or something. Look, the press release is pretty vague, but you can expect plenty of third-person fisticuffs utilising melee weapons, ranged weapons and explosives, as well as the ability to team up with a pal and do things co-operatively - hurrah!