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Amped 3 for Xbox 360

2K invites you to 'pour it on'.

2K Sports has released some new screenshots for forthcoming Xbox 360 snowboarding title, Amped 3.

The game features an all-new physics engine that allows you to build anything from basic ramps to complex structures that will let you access new areas of the game, and set new hang-time records.

Environments are much bigger than those in previous amped games - the new "Massive Mountains" are there to be explored and are designed to offer "limitless gameplay."

And if you're bored of snowboarding, you can always take advantage of what else the resorts have to offer - have some fun with rival packs, or take pictures of your mates' best tricks and stunts.

The game will make full use of the new Xbox Live service - all your top scored runs, hang-times and crashes will be automatically posted online, and you'll be able to download the best ghost riders along with additional content.

Plus the soundtrack offers over 300 new indie tunes - "more fresh tracks than another game ever made," apparently.

"FreeStyle. YourStyle. LifeStyle. Pour it on," advises 2K Sports. Righto.