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EGTV: video round-up

This week's movie highlights.

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Another week, another glittering reel of trailers, teasers and general titillators on display in the open-all-hours theatre of gaming dreams that is Eurogamer TV.

It's been a big week for some of the biggest names in the business. Konami released the final high resolution 15-minute E3 extravaganza for Metal Gear Solid 4 running on PlayStation 3. Solid Snake's fierce rival in the field of espionage, Sam Fisher, also makes a tactical reappearance in a brand new trailer for Splinter Cell: Double Agent, coming to current-gen, PC and Xbox 360 this autumn.

Namco's arcade racing stalwart, Ridge Racer - sorry, Riiiiidge Racerrrr! - is being reborn yet again in part 7 of the long-running series, with a new PS3 trailer now showing.

Not to be outdone, EA's relentlessly successful Need For Speed series gets a new twist for the next instalment, with the US giant releasing the first teaser trailer for Carbon - which is due on next-gen, current-gen and handheld later this year.

Elsewhere, Codemasters has a couple of promising PC titles for your perusal - MMO Archlord is detailed in three separate trailers, focusing on the Human, Elf and Orc races. Meanwhile, RTS Maelstrom is shown off in a single promo movie.

And speaking of strategy games, THQ's latest Dawn of War - Dark Crusade clip highlights the Tau Commander, while a special mention goes to Sega's Rome: Total War Alexander trailer, voiced as it is by the mighty Brian Blessed.

If there's room for a little more in your weekly entertainment quota, you might like to check out a brand new GRAW trailer, showing off new Xbox Live content, GUN Showdown on PSP and, last but not least, a migraine-inducing update on the techno-thumping, air-punching, foot-stomping mayhem that is Konami's Dance Dance series.

It's almost enough to make you rip off your shirt and jump on the nearest podium. Almost.

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