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MS rains on Sony's parade

"In your face" type nonsense.

Following the endless rounds of "my console's better than yours"-type comments we've had from Sony and Microsoft in recent weeks, MS has taken the next-gen battle to the next level with some rather cheeky window dressing.

Earlier this week, Sony France opened The Factory - a big shiny showroom designed to show off the PSP - in the Place de l'Etoile, Paris.

In response, Microsoft hired itself some advertising space in the window of a laundry just across the road, putting up giant Xbox 360 posters displaying the message "Gardez vos forces pour cet hiver".

Which translates as "Save your strength for winter" - winter, of course, being the season Xbox 360 will hit the shops.

Microsoft's little stunt left Sony fuming and after just one day the posters were removed, reportedly because Sony offered the laundry owners an even bigger cheque. You can see the pics here.

If anyone from Sony, Microsoft or indeed Nintendo is reading this, our living room windows are now available at very reasonable rates. Rest assured that they're very big and the many customers of Ronnie's Supermarket across the road are right up your demographic.