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Microsoft planning X05 event

Euro Xbox event revived for 360.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Speaking to Eurogamer last week, Xbox VP Peter Moore confirmed that Microsoft is planning to run a European showcase event once again this year, where it will present its Xbox and Xbox 360 line-up.

The X events were the key events in the calendar for Xbox right from before the launch of the original console, when X01 in the French Riviera city of Cannes (where Kristan nearly died falling off a cliff) gave European media an early glimpse of the system prior to its March 2002 launch in Europe.

X02 and X03 in Seville and Nice (where Pat nearly died drowning in the ocean) continued the series with previews of upcoming games and services on the platform. However, Microsoft didn't run an X04 event last year; but with the launch of Xbox 360 due in late 2005, an X05 event is now on the cards, according to Moore.

As yet, it's not known where or when X05 will be held, or whether an equivalent event will run in other territories. However, it should be noted that the X events have played host to some fairly significant announcements in the past - most notably the acquisition of UK developer Rare in 2002 - and as such, expectations for this year's event will undoubtedly run high.

Tom has already voiced his enthusiasm for the event, where he will attempt to raise the bar by actually dying.

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