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360 'on track' to meet forecasts

Second shipment hits USA.

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Microsoft has reportedly started to replenish stock of Xbox 360s in American retail channels.

Xbox 360 has been in agonisingly short supply since the console's November 22nd launch, but GameSpot reports that some of the remaining pre-orders are now being filled.

Microsoft UK declined to comment as to whether it's a situation reflected on this side of the Atlantic. "Xbox does not announce details of shipments, but I can tell you that we're on track to meet our 90 day forecast of 2.75 to 3.0 million units," a spokesperson told our sister site this lunchtime.

The US line is that Microsoft is "working around the clock to deliver as many Xbox 360 consoles as humanly possible".

Meanwhile, San Jose Mercury News reporter Dean Takahashi, author of Opening The Xbox and currently at work on a similar tome dealing with the creation of 360, expressed his opinion that Microsoft is "disappointed" about the lack of supply - based on his discussions with senior figures including system designer Greg Gibson and division spokesperson Molly O'Donnell.

It's an opinion widely held - even by Microsoft's competitors.

Asked whether he thought there was any truth to rumours that the shortages are deliberate, Sony's Phil Harrison told, "I don't believe that for a second. I think that it's clear that they're making every unit that they can - whether that is enough for demand or they can't make enough is a question you'll have to put to Microsoft. It's definitely not done on purpose, I can assure you of that."

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