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Trip Hawkins starts wireless firm

Say hello to Digital Chocolate.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Former 3DO frontman Trip Hawkins is planning to start a new company. There's a surprise. What is perhaps interesting about startup Digital Chocolate is that, unlike games publisher and failed platform holder 3DO, it'll see Trip dabbling in wireless entertainment for mobile handsets.

Says Trip, "I expect to do some interesting strategic partnering." Wireless systems represents "probably the most interesting computer platform in history," he told GameSpot at the CTIA trade show in Las Vegas this week. "It's a new medium and that's what's interesting about it," he added. "There are a lot of killer apps that have yet to be invented."

The last time we heard from Trip Hawkins, he was busy picking the bones of former charge 3DO, rescuing a selection of older properties (including Johnny Moseley Mad Trix) for $200,000, and securing the company's Internet patent assets for $205,000.

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