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PS3 spring launch confirmed

By Sony's biggest bigwig.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer has confirmed that the company plans to launch PlayStation 3 in the spring of next year, according to German website Gamefront.

But in which territories, precisely? Well, indications are that a Japanese launch will come first, some time around April or May. European and US launches will follow later - most likely before the end of the year, but possibly as late as 2007.

Anticipation for the PS3 is exceptionally high amongst consumers, particularly in Sony's native Japan. A recent survey which questioned 500 male and 500 female console owners in Japan found that an overwhelming 72.3 percent said they would be buying the PS3.

Microsoft, which has struggled to secure a foothold in the Japanese market with the Xbox, is keen to do things differently with the Xbox 360. The company is hoping that its head start over rival next-gen consoles will help - the 360 launches in the US on November 22, with European and Japanese launches to follow on December 2 and 10 respectively.

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