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US goes mental for 360

EB Games already sold out.

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Visitors to the EB Games online store can no longer pre-order Microsoft's next generation console, as the company announces it has sold out of all allocated pre-order stock.

A notice on the website simply states: "We are currently sold out of our popular Xbox 360 bundles. Check back frequently for more opportunities to pre-order an Xbox 360, Microsoft's next-gen gaming system."

According to US website Gamespot, the chain of EB Games retail stores are echoing the website claim and will no longer take pre-orders for the console at this stage. Interestingly, the website advises customers to check back regularly, and store owners have suggested that further retail units may become available before the end of the year.

Whilst initial indications might suggest an exceptionally high demand for the new machine, not all online retailers are claiming to have sold out. In fact, the online store of EB Games' soon-to-be owners Gamestop boasts 'launch quantities' of the console are still available.

Microsoft's next generation console is due to ship on November 22nd in the US, with Europe following on December 2nd and Japan on December 10th. Anticipation and pre-order demand for the console appears to be at its peak in the US, where the original Xbox console enjoyed its biggest success.

Gamestop and EB Games are set to merge later in the year, which will result in the new combined company owning just under 3000 stores in the US, Canada, Europe and Puerto Rico, in addition to the successful online retail channel.

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