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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Meet Peter Molyneux

And buy a signed copy of BW2.

With just weeks to go until the sequel to PC God sim Black & White hits the shops, Lionhead Studios has announced plans to hold a special event to celebrate the game's release.

On October 7, visitors to the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street will get the chance to have a go at Black & White 2 on one of four demo pods. There will be regular live demos throughout the afternoon with designer Ron Millar, beginning at 1pm, and from 5-8pm he will be joined by Lionhead co-founder Peter Molyneux.

"This is a unique chance to play the game and ask the designers questions," according to Lionhead. There will also be an opportunity to get your copy of the game signed.

Black & White 2 is out on October 7 - to learn more about the game why not take a look at our preview, if you haven't already.