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Lords of EverQuest demo released

Good Lord?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Lords of EverQuest, Sony's MMORPG derived strategy game developed by Rapid Eye Entertainment, has been released in demo form, giving players the chance to try out a tutorial mission and then battle for control of the demo map over the Internet using two of the Shadowrealm lords. The demo weighs in at quite a hefty 373MB and you can grab it from 3D Gamers and GameSpot amongst other mirrors.

For those who missed out on the game's announcement in April, Lords of EverQuest is a real-time strategy game with RPG overtones. Like WarCraft III's heroes, the 15 lords of the title are special units, which can gather experience, levels and new abilities throughout a 12-mission campaign. Rapid Eye president Mark Caldwell said at the time that the developer wanted "to create the new king in RTS gaming". Has it happened?

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