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Gran Turismo 4 slips

'Drifts', surely?

Polyphony Digital's online-enabled Gran Turismo 4 has slipped until 2004 in Europe and the US according to representatives on both sides of the Atlantic. This is sure to come as a bitter blow to GT fans expecting to get their hands on it this Christmas after a strong showing at The PlayStation Experience, and rumours of a planned PS2/GT4 bundle which seeped out of SCEE earlier this month.

Apparently Sony plans to make an announcement regarding a specific new release date for Gran Turismo 4 sometimes in the near future, but for the moment it looks like it will be left to Microsoft and UK-developed Project Gotham Racing 2 to hoover up racing fans this Christmas when Bizarre Creations' opus is finally released on November 28th. Or, to put it another way: having played PGR2, we're not that bothered about the GT4 slippage...