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Mya pens Bond game theme

And the game slips. Probably unconnected.

Grammy-winning musician Mya, best known to us as "one of the other ones" in that scary Moulin Rouge music video (in which Christina Aguilera looked like a demented flamingo), will perform the original theme song for EA's new Bond game, Everything or Nothing.

In an apparent attempt to make the game series a touch more cinematic, Mya (who also appears in the game as a spicy Bond girl called "Mya Starling") will record three versions of the song for the game, which is now due out early next year.

Co-written and co-produced with Randy Bugnitz and A&M president Ron Fair, the theme to "Everything or Nothing" will accentuate a score penned by composer Sean Callery. His previous credits include La Femme Nikita (TV version) and 24.

Said Mya of her role on Everything or Nothing: "I've never screamed so much in my life. Maybe someday they'll make an Everything or Nothing movie that I'd love to be in." It would look good on her CV anyway, alongside her roles in a sequel to Dirty Dancing and Chicago. [I can't believe you looked that up. -Ed]

Anyway, as the press release and EA's press site have conspired to inform us, Everything or Nothing has slipped to early 2004. We're not sure exactly when, but as soon as we find out we'll let you know.