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"What's this bloke's name?" "Clint!" "No, Slate." "Close."

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It's another boring week for those of us with heaps of disposable income (well, those of you), limited as we are to a selection of four titles, none of which is likely to set the world on fire.

Atari has been pushing the PSone version of Beyblade very hard, but we haven't got a copy so can't tell you much about it. Except it's on the PSone which suggests it's targeted at little brothers and sisters.

Also out this week are the long overdue PS2 and Cube versions of Xbox just-about-a-beat-'em-up Dead to Rights. Normally we wouldn't give two hoots about ports like this, obviously, but having been sent the Cube version we're vaguely interested to see how the myriad promised changes affect the end result. Expect to hear our thoughts on the subject in the near future.

Finally this week (told you it was a short one) we have CDV's under appreciated Heaven and Hell. Under appreciated by their reckoning anyway, as the game apparently undersold by just under a million euro. Lots of undering there! Troubled CDV will be hoping forthcoming FPS Breed instigates a new pattern of overing.

Anyway, that's that then (well, apart from Moon Tycoon, but, er...) so we're left looking forward to next week's offerings. As ECTS will be booming along and making noises not 100 miles from that of a monkey armed with a vocoder, we'll probably be a bit tardy with "What's New?", but as you will know by reading our release dates listing, anybody who heads shopwards will be able to pluck games like Capcom's P.N.03 from the shelves (and we will be reviewing it before you can), along with Homeworld 2 and even Republic! Ye gads.

  • Beyblade (PSone)
  • Dead to Rights (PS2, Cube)
  • Heaven and Hell (PC)
  • Moon Tycoon (PC)

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