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Datel revamps PS2 Action Replay

To the MAX!

Although Datel may be better known at the moment for its FreeLoader GameCube import disc, cheat devices remain the company's first love, and according to an announcement this week the cheat gurus are about to revamp their PS2 offerings with the launch of the totally redesigned Action Replay MAX.

Instead of updating existing tech, MAX has been rebuilt from the ground up for its September 1st launch, with a brand new user interface (as you can see to your left) and some intelligent new additions, like the ability to correct mistyped codes and warn you if your chosen code combo might crash the game, not to mention built in DVD Region-X and memory card compression functionality borrowed from other Datel kit.

Perhaps the best bit though is support for the PS2 Online broadband adapter, allowing you to update MAX's codebase via the Internet, doing away once and for all with the fiddly process of inputting complex codes using the a D-pad-controlled on-screen keyboard.