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EQ PS2 this September

Seems polished from our time with it.

As you may already know, EverQuest, one of the leading lights in the world of massively multiplayer pest control, is on its way to PlayStation 2 this year, and upon glancing over Sony's infrequently updated press site this morning, we spied that it's due out in September. Which is nice.

Having recently taken delivery of some pre-release code, we can tell you that EQOA is looking remarkably polished, with glossy console-style menu systems and a D-pad based conversation system that lets you pluck Yes, No, Thanks and other bits of dialogue from thin air. Sort of like PSO, except there's plenty more to say.

EQ has been simplified for its console debut, with lots of mini-quests to acclimatise you to the control scheme, and it's not too hard to get into. Combat is a matter of targeting things with L1 and R1 and then holding X, so killing rats, bats, spiders and other savage members of the animal kingdom has never been easier. We were also impressed by the kilt physics.

Our main concerns at this point are that nobody's playing right now, you have to enter your password twice to start playing - a pain in the backside on a control pad - and that the game swallows up 3MB of memory card space. However, it's reasonable enough to hope this will be improved by September.