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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Devastatingly large patch

Fixes most of Devastation's single player features apparently.

107.49MB. That's a whole lot of megabytes, and even more if you're not wearing your spectacles and can't make out the decimal point! It's one of those totals that we usually associate with demos. Big demos.

But this isn't a demo - it's a patch. A patch for Devastation, and it must have been pretty frickin' devastated in the first place to require this much aftercare. Available here, this monstrous update is a self-installing release, mainly focusing on the AI, which has been "fully rewritten" and "greatly improved". Hopefully this includes the enemies-falling-through-solid-metal-walkways problem.

Developer Digitalo has also fixed "compatibility issues" between European and North American gamers, which means that we can kill yanks and vice versa, whereas before we were limited to continental civil disobedience. Well, "we" is probably a bit strong...

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