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UK Charts: Eye Toy takes the top spot

A lot of people are looking silly in front of their TVs this week.

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Eidos' Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness has dropped back into second place in the UK sales charts after only a two week stint at number one, while Sony's EyeToy: Play has taken the top spot in its third week on sale.

In one of the quietest weeks of the year so far for new game releases, the webcam based EyeToy title has cemented its position as one of the most successful games ever to use a proprietary peripheral, and looks set to be one of the hits of the summer.

Sony's Formula One 2003, meanwhile, has skyrocketed from last week's number 31 to an altogether more respectable number four this week - suggesting that there were stocking problems with the title's official launch a fortnight ago.

The only other new entry on the chart is Capcom's Resident Evil: Dead Aim, which shambles in at number 29 (muttering "brains" under its breath, no doubt) - another title which we're sure was meant to be on shelves a fortnight ago, but is only charting properly this week.

Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country on the GBA has a far more respectable ranking this week as well, climbing to number 14 from number 27 last week.

Aside from the welcome success of EyeToy, there's really absolutely nothing else happening in the chart this week, and in fact it's still largely dominated by licensed games from the last few months (Enter the Matrix at number three, Hulk at number six) and big titles from last Christmas (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at number eight, GTA: Vice City at nine, James Bond 007 Nightfire at 11...).

The highest ranked Xbox title is Brute Force, which is at number 31 in the charts. The highest ranked GameCube title is Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut once again, and once again it's nowhere to be found in the all-formats top 40. Unless there's a major release for the Xbox or Cube in the next couple of weeks, we could be looking at a chart in the near future which doesn't have a single game on either of those platforms in the top 40. Ouch.

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